2013 July 4th Poster Contest: 75 Years of the ECA!

The Winning Entries

Grand Prize

Rose | Grade 4 | | Ms. Stempniak | St. Mary of the Woods

poster entry

I drew a picture that represents what we didn’t have before ECA came along. I drew a Slinky as an H, the A as a Frisbee, the two Ps as French fries to resemble McDonald’s, and a Y as a cell phone. Then I drew a B as a Curious George, the dash as a Post-It, the D as a Mr. Potato Head, the A as a Barbie Doll, and the Y as nothing. Then I drew an E as the internet symbol, the C as a bubble letter, and last, the A as a calculator. And that spells Happy B-day ECA! Truly, Happy Birthday ECA!!

First Prize

Madeline | Grade 2 | Ms. Swofford | St. Mary of the Woods

poster entry

I drew a Fourth of July parade going on.

Second Prize

Gabriel | Grade 5 | Ms. Puccini | Edgebrook

poster entry

Edgebrook bus service to Ravenswood El at Lawrence and Kimball. It has passengers inside going to the Edgebrook Golf Course. It is very old also. It was photographed in about the 1930s.

Third Prize

Bella | Grade 2 | Ms. Stankus | Wildwood School

poster entry

I decided to not color in my drawing because there was no color in 1852.