2013 July 4th Poster Contest

75 Years of the ECA!

contest entry

Students in Edgebrook School, Wildwood School, and St Mary of the Woods School were given a blank canvas to create the ECA's 2013 July 4th Poster. The theme was 75 Years of the ECA and, specifically, how Edgebrook (and possibly the parade & picnic) have changed over the years.

As a starting point, students were told:

On July 4, 2013, Independence Day, Americans will celebrate 237 years of freedom. In Edgebrook we will also celebrate 75 years of ECA community spirit.

How do you think Edgebrook has changed since 1938 when neighbors formed the ECA?

Hint: In 1938 no one in Edgebrook had read Curious George (1941), played with a Slinky (1943), tossed a Frisbee (1948), constructed a Mr. Potato Head (1952), eaten at McDonalds (1954), dressed a Barbie doll (1959), used a handheld calculator (1967), stuck a Post-It Note (1974), called from a cell phone (1983), or surfed the Internet (1990).

Talk to your parents, grandparents, great aunts or uncles, a senior neighbor, or a teacher. Ask them how Edgebrook has changed in the last seven decades. What would the ECA’s July 4th parade & picnic have looked like in 1938? 1948? 1968? 2008? You can draw, paint, color, or sketch your idea.

Make a picture of what Edgebrook was like in the past and wish the ECA a happy 75th birthday.

We asked students to tell us about their drawing on the back of the picture.

We'd like to thank all participants as well as the teachers, parents and relatives of the students who shared their memories of Edgebrook through the ages.

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