2013 July 4th Poster Contest: 75 Years of the ECA!

Honorable Mention

Sarah | Grade 5 | Edgebrook School

poster entry

In my picture I said, “75 Happy Birthday!! We all congratulate you! #1.” Then I drew Earth with an Edgebrook student on it. That is what I meant when I said “We all congratulate you!”

Noah | Grade 3 | Ms. Sherwood | Edgebrook School

poster entry

Noah captured Edgebrook’s Excellent Development from a quiet pine forest to a bustling neighborhood of many hoses reached by a train and a highway. The only thing that didn’t change in 75 years, was the sunshine and blue skies over Edgebrook.

Eliseo | Grade 3 | Ms. Tun | Edgebrook School

poster entry

Back then [in 1938] they did not have snow blowers so the snow was very high.

Lexi | Grade 3 | Ms. Canavan | St. Mary of the Woods

poster entry

My drawing is about a grandma who remembers how the streets used to look. There is a girl who can see the grandma’s memory. The girl is amazed to only see the forest preserve, a horse, and a carriage.

P.S. Happy 75th Edgebrook!

Vivian | Grade 3 | Ms. Kim | Wildwood

poster entry

This is a 1938 fire truck which led the ECA parade.

Julihannah | Grade 1 | Mr. Perez | Edgebrook

poster entry

My picture is about the 4th of July. It shows that we can celebrate the 4th of July and have freedom.

Nick | Grade 3 | Ms. Tun | Edgebrook

poster entry

This is the Giant Killer from the Lockwood Castle that had 26 ice cream scoops. It was on the corner of Devon and Central for many years. It was free if you ate the whole thing.

Dashiel | Grade 3 | Ms. Tun | Edgebrook

poster entry

My poster shows a 70s band, people, and fireworks.