2015 July 4th Poster Contest: Discover the Connection!

Honorable Mention

Mikey | Grade 3 | Ms. Canavan | St. Mary of the Woods

The American flag stands for the nation and the Fourth of July. The people stand for our community.

Sophia | Grade 2 | Mr. Burrall | Wildwood

My drawing is a black and white person holding hands with the sun shining on them and a heart over their hands and tulips under them.

Bella | Grade 4 | Ms. Swofford | St. Mary of the Woods

For my community, I think we should build a lot of houses for the poor to sleep, to shower, eat, and to stay warm in the winter.

Christian | Grade 3 | Ms. Sherwood | Edgebrook School

[The forest] is important because it is home to many animals that are amazing. Also it is important because people ride their bikes through the forest and see all the animals when they pass by.

Katherine | Grade 4 | Ms. Melidis | Wildwood School

This is a drawing of a Wildwood kid and an Edgebrook kid being friends. Behind is the forest, a rainbow, and a sunny day!

Danny | Grade 2 | Ms. Krupa | St. Mary of the Woods

Dashiel | Grade 5 | Ms. Ochs | Edgebrook School

Everyone working together brings prosperity to our town. It shows we have a great working community.

Emily | Grade 5 | Ms. Puccini | Edgebrook School

My idea is to have a community art museum, where anyone can make art and have it placed in the museum. The building would have a work station with lots of different material to use. Also, it would only be $1 to come in, and all the money would be used to buy new art supplies. The pathway to enter would be the word community is mosaic, and anyone could help build that.

Matthew | Kindergarten | Ms. Robak | St. Mary of the Woods

Margaret | Grade 4 | Ms. Swofford | St. Mary of the Woods

My idea for a poster is a sun and a moon.

Nora | Grade 5 | Ms. Puccini | Edgebrook School

My idea is to celebrate the people who help with ECA and important landmarks in the neighborhood. Write the important things on metal then put it on stone. Place them in parks or gardens all over the neighborhood.

Megan | Grade 5 | Ms. Puccini | Edgebrook School

This is the goodwill graffiti wall. Basically, we would have one day where you would write a kind message to the community.

Josie | 6th Grade | Ms. Muhammad | Edgebrook School

Edgebrook School's Band

In Edgebrook, nothing brings us closer together than music. Adding a stage somewhere in the neighborhood would benefit us because seeing local performers can boost performance confidence and seeing live music is always a fun thing to do with friends. In this picture, I show my band performing.

Michael | Grade 1 | Ms. Stankus | Wildwood

Lots of birds eat worms. A fish is eaten by a cat. The Metra train comes on a high hill. Flowers grow in greenhouses. Someone catches a monkey in a tree.

Damaris | Grade 2 | Ms. Vena | Edgebrook School

Edgebrook lies within Caldwell's Reserve, 1600 acres of land given to Billy Caldwell in 1829 for civic service. In 1933, he represented Native American tribes in the Chicago Peace Treaty of Fort Dearborn.

Portia | Grade 2 | Mr. Burrall | Wildwood School

Jacqueline |6th Grade | Ms. Delia | Edgebrook School

The Edgebrook Woods is a huge part of the Edgebrook community. This would be great to involve in the [NCP] tunnel because it would show how much appreciation we have for our woods. This forest preserve contains a beautiful view and wonderful animals which is what the mosaic is based upon.

Delaney | Grade 4 | Ms. Dorn | Edgebrook School

People are playing with neighbors and having fun on the Fourth of July.

Eli | Grade 5 | Ms. Tonietto | Wildwood

This is a Fourth of July float. A community can come together and build something so beautiful, such as a Fourth of July float.

Roberto | Grade 3 | Ms. Sherwood | Edgebrook School

I chose the woods because it's important and it's a place to see birds, raccoons, chipmunks, frogs, and bugs. It's important because it's a beautiful place.

Abby | Grade 4 | Ms. Stempniak | St. Mary of the Woods

I think the community should build a treehouse. They should build it in Choo-Choo Park.

Sarah | Grade 2 | Mr. Burrall | Wildwood

My drawing is about two cakes meeting at the park and shaking hands.

Vidushi | 6th Grade | Ms. Muhammad | Edgebrook School

The next project should be making more places where people in the community can come together. I drew the Library and the Chocolate Shoppe because they are both places where members of the community come. If there were more places then there could be weekly events where people come, relax, and talk to each other. That would bring members of the community closer.