2015 July 4th Poster Contest: Discover the Connection!

The Winning Entries

First Place

Carly | Grade 3 | Ms. Sherwood | Edgebrook School

poster entry

I drew the Forest Preserve because trees and plants keep you alive and jogging keeps you healthy.

Second Place

Madeline | Grade 4 | Ms. Swofford | St. Mary of the Woods

poster entry

Goats in Edgebrook

We could make a goat farm and they would build a minihut and they would have a small field to play in and have a little house to take baths. This is good for the community because we can get organic milk and cheese at low prices.

Third Place

Thomas | Grade 2 | Ms. DeSalvo | Edgebrook School

poster entry

My school is in Edgebrook and Edgebrook Field has 3 baseball fields. There was also a street next to the field, too. I thought the field should have someone playing on it, too.

Fourth Place

Drew | Grade 5 | Ms. Puccini | Edgebrook School

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I thought that an Edgebrook Visitor's Center would make a beautiful addition to Edgebrook. If you have recently moved to Edgebrook, this might help you get an understanding of how our community works. Free admission! Inside, there might be displays of Old Edgebrook and signs describing Edgebrook history. It would be built from money coming in from community donations.

Fifth Place

Evangeline | Kindergarten | Ms. Robak | St. Mary of the Woods

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