2015 July 4th Poster Contest

Discover the Connection!

contest entry

The theme for the Edgebrook Community Association's 2015 July 4th Poster Contest was Discover the Connection. We were celebrating the imminent completion of a 5-year project that both addressed safety issues and added beauty to the neighborhood.

Students were given two choices: 1) draw a picture of what you would use to finish the NCP or 2) create an image of the next big neighborhood project Edgebrook should tackle. And, of course, there were the traditionalists who basically said, "It's the fourth of July and I'm drawing a flag."

The poster entries were judged by ECA board members, who considered the overall impact of the picture, originality, the paragraph describing the intent, and whether the picture made us smile (a lot of them did).

Click the links below to discover what connections these students made.


Honorable Mentions