Keeping Up With the Garden.....

Last August, the Edgebrook Community Association and North Branch Arts held


As part of this event, local gardeners wrote 2-page PDFs that discuss gardening issues in Edgebrook.
They provide insights these long-time gardeners have learned, while gardening in our area.
From gardening in shade, to info on how to create a successful backyard vegetable garden,

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photo of sign at triangle

A Certified Monarch Waystation

The Edgebrook Triangle Garden has been certified as a Monarch waystation!!

Check out the details and learn more about the king of butterflies.

Chicago's Excellence in Gardening Honorable Mention Award

The Triangle Garden was awarded an honorable mention
in the Chicago City-Wide Excellence in Gardening Awards!!

Read more about this significant honor!

Recent photos from the Garden:

2019 Early Blooms - Christine Rosenberg, photographer

July 2019 Visit - Christine Rosenberg, photographer

Watch for improvements as we continue to focus on the Metra area, Triangle and along Lehigh.

Our neighborhood Botanic Garden...

Living in Edgebrook means we are not far from the Chicago Botanic Gardens!
Just 15 minutes on the Edens!!
Have you checked out their many Adult Classes?

Botanic Garden Info: Planting a pollinator Strip in your yard