The Triangle Renovation Project | Gardening Award


The Edgebrook Triangle Garden was honored with an Honorable Mention in the citywide Chicago Excellence in Gardening Awards competition held this summer.

Honorable Mention

The competition was fierce - as we were entered as a community garden. Many of the entries in this category were focused on supporting their community with educational programs associated with schools, outreach programs to teach children about raising food and wellness programs at various hospitals and community centers. While we were not a winner, we did earn a welcomed accolade from the committee that judged this contest.

Our continued efforts to beautify the Triangle Garden was seen as a positive step in making our community center an attractive native garden designed to support wild pollinators and butterflies in our area. Helping these species to survive is key to the success of all our backyard vegetable and ornamental gardens and reinforces the natural processes that support the health of our area.

We plan to continue our work to improve the public areas in our community, and your support for these efforts is appreciated.