Edgebrook Seed Library Opens

photo of seed library

Jeannine Tiesch-Ramirez chooses Radish seed for her garden.

photo of seed library

ECA member Phil Milano and Librarian Jeannine Tiesch-Ramirez at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Edgebrook Seed Library.

The Seed Library, supported by the Chicago Public Library Foundation and the Edgebrook Community Association, offers several seed varieties for neighbors to try in their home gardens. Seed varieties include America Spinach, Amish Snap Peas, Brandywine Tomatoes, French Breakfast Radishes, Genovese Basil, King of the North Peppers, Rocky Top Lettuce, and Swiss Chard.

The Seed Library is the brainchild of librarian Jeannine Tiesch-Ramirez who saw it as an offshoot of the Edgebrook Library's semiannual Seed and Plant Swap. The Swap was initiated after a conversation between Jeannine, the Edgebrook Community Association, and ECA-member Phil Milano. The 2019 Spring Seed & Plant Swap will be held on Saturday, May 11 at the Edgebrook Library.