Meet the ECA Board

Christine Rosenberg

Photographer, Watercolor Artist and ECA Board Member

Christine Rosenberg has been on the ECA's Board for several years. Her specialty is Community Development and she is a representative on the 41st Ward's Zoning Advisory Board.

Christine is also an avid photographer with a true gift for capturing the moment as evidenced by the shots she's taken at ECA functions.

Because we are a curious lot in Edgebrook, we wondered about Christine's history with photography. She was eight when her "mom let me use her old Kodak Brownie. While I don't have that camera anymore, I do have a small collection of Brownie cameras. Around 12 years old I got my first point and shoot and around that time also began to learn to use my dad's SLR."

Christine attends photography classes to hone her craft. She offers this advice for budding photographers. "Get out and shoot as much as possible. In photography the technical aspects can be taught in a class but the real learning comes from taking a lot of photos, getting out of your comfort zone, and trying new things.

"Use your feet to move around your subject to get a different perspective. Kneel down, get up high, change the angle, move in closer (and don't just zoom). Sometimes a simple move can create new and interesting perspectives."

What's the best photo she's taken? "Its too hard. I have a difficult time selecting a favorite photo from a shoot, much less an all-time favorite. My favorite subjects are architecture, travel, family and friends."

Early Rosenberg

She treasures an early photo. "This is a photo of my dad and my sister shot with the Brownie while on a family beach vacation in Canada. It is still one of my favorites and I keep it displayed."

A book Christine recommends for photographers is Balthazar Korab Architect of Photography. "Balhazar Korab was an architect and architectural photographer who captured evocative images of midcentury architecture."

She also feels that Dorothea Lange deserves a photographer's attention. "Dorothea Lange's images although of a completely different time and place capture the emotions of her subjects in a way that they still feel powerful, relevant, raw, and captivating today."

Asked to choose a favorite Edgebrook location to take photos, Christine said, "I enjoy shooting Edgebrook events such as the 4th of July Parade, the Garden Walk and the Egg Hunt. There is so much going on and people are so friendly. The forest preserve is also a great place especially during the changing of the seasons in the spring and fall."

Outside of Edgebrook? "I would go back to Peru in a second. The people, the brilliant colored fabrics, the food, the architecture, the Inca ruins and the mountains captured my heart. Some of my favorite photos are from a trip there in 2010."

Does Christine consider herself a photographer or ashutterbug? "Both! It's a hobby that I love and taking pictures is part of who I am."

Christine is also a watercolor artist. As to which she prefers, she had this to day. "I enjoy both equally and actually combine the two. Some of my photos eventually become paintings. Although what makes a good photograph doesn't always make a great painting and sometimes a not-so-great photograph can make a really interesting painting."

Christine's photographs are on display in various places on the ECA's website. Her work has also graced membership brochures and, once, a packet of seeds given to our gardening members.

We are very lucky to have such a talented person as an ECA Board Member and an Edgebrook neighbor.