EDGEBROOK - history

Edgebrook Equestrians Journey to Lake Zurich and Back

Edgebrook took part in a late August 1939 weekend journey to Lake Zurich and back. Riders used forest preserve trails and state roads for their trip. Since they did not carry camping equipment or food, they stayed overnight at a Lake Zurich resort.

Among the riders were William Allen, Henry Anderson, Betty Baer, Shirley Bartell, Caroline Bohl, Albert Carlson, Mr & Mrs Fred Catalano, Lita Colby, Mr & Mrs Clarence Dickson, Rosemary Galli, Rellelle Gray, Margaret Howe, Ralph Jewell, Elvet Jones, Dr & Mrs Glen Kiggins, Mr & Mrs Adolph Kuehn, Mr & Mrs Peter Martin, Aline Mickey, Claudine Reynolds, Mr & Mrs W.J. Schmidt, George Simpson, Virginia Sorum, Roland Wenk, and Mr & Mrs Emil Zeidman.

The Edgebrook School of Horsemanship was located at 5879 N. Central Avenue supported two groups: The Edgebrook Lancerettes and The Edgebrook Men's Club.

image of Edgebrook Lancerettes

The Edgebrook Lancerettes was established for the school's female riders. In 1939, there were eight equestriennes in the Lancerettes. They took part in the Town and Country Equestrian Association's annual show (before 3,000 spectators).

Margaret Schmidt, Caroline Bohl, and Dolores Ehrlich at the start of the Lake Zurich trek.

image of Ralph Jewell

Ralph Jewell and his horse at an Edgebrook Men's Club gathering.

Ralph Jewell was in the 106th Cavalry (the Black Horse troop) which was associated with the National Guard and Armory in Chicago. His troop was stationed in Camp Livingston in Louisiana to receive cavalry training for World War II. The Calvary was mechanized after their training.

Robert Jewell, Ralph's son, brought this historical note to the attention of the ECA.