2018 Easter Egg

ECA Annual Egg Hunt: Rain Didn't Stop the Fun!

After a brief but taxing shower, the sun came out, the rain and wind stopped and our neighbors celebrated spring with an egg hunt. Parents had home-made bakery treats and the kids hunted for eggs filled with chocolate and other candy.

Christine Rosenberg's Easter Photos

Christine Rosenberg, one of the ECA's talented photographers, captured the fun at the ECA's 2018 Egg Hunt.

Click here to view the entire photo album.

Justin Ochonicki's Easter Photos

Justin Ochonicki, ECA's social media director, was also busy with his camera, documenting the 2018 Egg Hunt.

Enjoy his photos.

Golden Egg Winners

Congratulations to these lucky egg hunters who discovered the Golden Egg.

Age Group 0 - 1

Frona Antrim

Age Group 2 - 3

Abraham Damerow

Age Group 4 - 5

Nora Smyth

Age Group 6 - 7

Denali Damerow

Age Group 8 - 9

Jacquelyn K.