HELP curb crime in our neighborhood... block at a time

An UPDATE to the 911 program can help police solve crimes in our area.
Residents can register security cameras at their home that capture street views-activity. This information helps police to identify residents they can contact for video that can help solve crimes on the residents block.

“Video evidence is often a key component to solving crimes, recovering stolen property and holding offenders accountable,” Police Supt. David Brown said in a statement. “This latest initiative is another example of partnership that contributes to making the city a safer place for everyone to enjoy.”

Informing Smart911 about the presence of security cameras DOES NOT ALLOW police or the city to access the camera footage without the owner’s awareness. Rather, it allows police to know where they might be able to view security footage. The new feature requires users to opt-in on the Smart911 platform.

A Smart911 profile also allows dispatchers to immediately access information about a 911-caller that can help first responders. Information on a profile can include address, medical information, language proficiency, disabilities and if a house has pets or service animals.


Smart911 Chart