ECA's Spookiest House Contest

Congratulations to the 2020 Contest winners!! We appreciate all the entries, and the hard work of our local families who participated.
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Our 2020 Monarch Caterpillars...
grew up and became new butterflies this past summer!!

photo of monarch

Without your support of the ECA, these engaging creatures would not have a garden for their survival.

Help us continue this effort!

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THE ECA hopes you are “All in for Illinois ”
with warmer weather approaching

The Edgebrook Community Association is excited for the warmer spring temperatures headed to our neighborhood this week. Like many Chicagoans after a long winter, we are eager to get some more fresh air.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has made us change behaviors we have previously considered normal. The ECA urges all residents to continue practicing physical distancing as warmer temperatures approach. We hope that neighbors will not be congregating in groups, that our teenagers will not be riding in cars with friends together, and that appropriate distancing measures will be observed so that our beautiful forest preserve remains an open resource to us. So many of our loved ones, our first responders, and service workers are depending on us to flatten the curve. The ECA is " All In for Illinois " during this historic pandemic. We hope as the weather warms, you will continue to make this sacrifice so we can safely gather as neighbors in the near future. For more resources on this topic,

Please visit −All In Illinois −

" We're making a commitment to stay home because we're − All In for Illinois −
for our neighbors and grandparents, our health care professionals and first responders, our grocery store workers and so many more. Staying in keeps us all safe.
" ­

Governor JB Pritzker

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Our Trees. Our Community. Our Future!

When you chose Edgebrook as your neighborhood to raise your family, most likely the tree shaded streets and natural surroundings weighed in your decision. They enrich our lives on a daily basis.

Today, they are under threat from a new pathogen that targets Oaks. Coupled with urban pollution, climate change, and age, our trees need expert help!

Learn how to better care for those oak trees before they are lost forever!

Our Oak trees in PERIL! ....Learn what you can do to help

Sign at Triangle

Spring is HERE.....

and Edgebrook is abuzz with activity!

receiving an Honorable Mention!....

Various things you can do:

ECA Members Sponsor a Park Bench on the North Branch Trail

centered image

The Edgebrook Community Association recently sponsored a bench in the Bunker Hill portion of the Cook County Forest Preserve. We were excited to have an opportunity to sponsor the bench and to learn that it is at the opening of the North Branch Trail at Devon and Caldwell, facing the beautiful Ginny Mose Triangle Garden.

We are proud to sponsor this bench as a gift to our ECA members and volunteers for supporting our community. Please take a moment to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature right in our backyard!

Current Newsletter

Our Current Newsletter

The ECA's April 2020 Newsletter appeared in the April 18 issue of the Nadig Reporter.
You can also read it here.

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The ECA supports our local LIBRARY

- which has a lot to offer!

Check out what's being offered at the Edgebrook Branch Library. In addition to books, movies, music, and reference materials, our library has a wealth of interesting, educational, and fun programming.

Take a look.


Library BOOK Recommendations from the ECA -

Snow Plowing Service provided by the ECA

The City of Chicago's primary concern is keeping the major traffic arteries clear. Plowing side streets is a much lower priority for the Department of Streets and Sanitation.

The ECA, on the other hand, is concerned about emergency vehicle access to our side streets as well as the ability of our neighbors to get out of the neighborhood and off to work in a timely fashion.

The ECA notifies our plowing contractor when snow fall reaches four inches. The contractor clears a path down the center of the street. The goal is not total snow removal, but rather the creation of an access path for emergency vehicles as well as egress for our neighbors.

The ECA provides snow plow service to this area, excluding the major city streets.

Questions or Concerns?

Contact us at talk2eca@gmail.com.

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