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The 2019 ECA Board

photo of ECA 2019 board of directors

The ECA Board photographed on February 11, 2019.

front row, left to right: Jeff Singer, Nancy Williams, Jeff Manuel, Mary Biesty

middle row: Susan Zelner, Jan Kupiec

back row: Craig Caimi, Beverly Padratzik, Tom Misiewicz, Dennis Henley, Nora Shea, Kevin Haran, Ewa Ryan, Christine Rosenberg, Justin Ochonicki, Jennifer Herren, Tom Kraft

Not pictured: Jennifer Carlson, Michelle Christensen, Caryn Meyers, Lidia Pomaville, Jerome Witte

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The Aldermanic Forum

Thank you for attending the January 26 Aldermanic Forum. Since we received more questions than could be asked in the allotted time, we invited the candidates to share their thoughts on a baker's dozen of issues.

Click here for the questions.

Click here for Samantha Nugent's answers.

Click here for Robert Murphy's answers.

Here's Brian Nadig's article about the Forum.

Your vote counts! Cast your ballot on February 26.

Interested in early voting? Click here for more information.


Saturday, April 27, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM • Edgebrook Library, 5331 W. Devon Ave, 1st Floor Common Area

photo of books

Grow your own private library at this Everyday Edgebrook- sponsored used book sale event. Items will be priced at $0.50 or $1.00, and the sale will be held in the common area on the first floor. All proceeds will benefit Edgebrook Library.

Edgebrook Library accepts donations of books, DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs, and more for children, teens and adults year-round. Donations must be in very good condition and should be brought into the library and given to a staff member at the circulation desk.

Ask your librarian or visit chipublib.org for more information.

Current Newsletter

Our Current Newsletter

The ECA's January 2019 Newsletter appeared in the January 12 issue of the Nadig Reporter. You can also read it here.

picture of books

Nothing to do? Visit the library.

The ECA supports our Library

Take a look at what's being offered at the Edgebrook Branch Library. In addition to books, movies, music, and reference materials, our library has a wealth of interesting, educational, and fun programming.

Take a look.

Snow Plowing Service provided by the ECA

The City of Chicago’s primary concern is keeping the major traffic arteries clear. Plowing side streets is a much lower priority for the Department of Streets and Sanitation.

The ECA, on the other hand, is concerned about emergency vehicle access to our side streets as well as the ability of our neighbors to get out of the neighborhood and off to work in a timely fashion.

The ECA notifies our plowing contractor when snow fall reaches four inches. The contractor clears a path down the center of the street. The goal is not total snow removal, but rather the creation of an access path for emergency vehicles as well as egress for our neighbors.

The ECA provides snow plow service to this area, excluding the major city streets.

Questions or Concerns?

Call the ECA Snow Plowing HOTLINE (312) 560 4342.

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